Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen

Untitled photo

Karen is a Zeeland resident and a self-taught artist by way of workshops, DVDs and books, as well as online courses with Kelli Folsom Vital Art Sessions and The Tuscan Art Academy with Laura Rob. Her artist statements follows:

Many of my inspirations come from the ordinary and every day. Shorelines, country scenes and gardens are some of my favorite subjects. Brush and palette knife are my preferred method of putting down paint. Recently, I have explored painting with cold wax using copper as a substrate. What fun! My goal is to make the viewer feel he or she has either been or would like to be at the same spot - to feel the sun, hear the brook and smell the fragrance of the flowers.

My thanks are to God for the gift of artistic ability. If I am successful as an artist, it is because He has given me the desire to continue learning for as long as I am able. There is a need in my soul, whether I'm gardening or painting, to be a part of making the world a more beautiful and peaceful place.




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