Kelli Van Overloop

Kelli Van Overloop is a Michigan born artist who has been perfecting her self-taught technique with acrylics since 2008. Kelli studied acrylics briefly in high school where she first found her passion for the medium. She always dreamed of becoming an artist, so after high school she attended Grand Rapids Community College in the graphic design program for two years and Kendall College of Art and Design for one year as an illustration major. Realizing that she preferred more flexibility with her subject matter, she became a freelance artist. She has done multiple commission projects for clients from West MI to Washington and even California that include murals, charcoal drawings, and acrylic paintings.

Kelli's paintings are done in a photorealistic style and contain a great amount of detail. Kelli often works from a photograph while still managing to create a very real sense of space and atmosphere. She has participated in a few local art contests and even won Zeeland's 2019 Chalk Fest! Kelli offers a wide range of fine art mediums that include acrylic, watercolor, graphite and charcoal. She always welcomes custom commission pieces.

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