Judi Kruis

Judi started young with her art training but focused on working with numbers, computers and data systems through her career. Product design, teaching business to artisans in Haiti and weaving on her floor loom started the journey back to those creative roots.

Travel photos were a big inspiration of early works, creating a foundation to spring from as she continued the adventure. With her current use of oils with cold wax medium or encaustic, she is often carving, scraping, embedding or writing in her pieces as the layers continue. Gold, silver or copper elements are often used to add more to the vibrant messages you encounter in each painting.

“I don’t feel art is about arriving at a destination. Exploration, discovery and intrigue are what draws me into each piece and hopefully the viewers as well. I am enjoying the mystery and revelation that unfolds as I create. Each painting ends in unique places even when it begins with a plan! I learn a lot as I create: all things are redeemable, its never the end of the story and prayer changes things (or us)!”

Online you can find Judi’s art at:

FineArtAmerica.com/profiles/judi-kruis/shop – prints only

AllArtWorks.net – select framed originals

JudiKruis.wordpress.com – writings with art


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