Christine Towner

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.” Joan Miro

Christine Towner is an abstract expressionist who has specialized in Encaustic Wax for over 17 years. She studied fine art at Kendall and Hope College. She was recently featured in the Encaustic Art Institute’s Winter issue for accomplished encaustic artists. She has permanent collections in Holland, the Encaustic Art Museum, Santa Fe and has exhibited in over 12 different cities in MI along with Chicago, Santa Fe, California and Arizona. She is currently in three galleries: Encaustic Institute in Santa Fe,  Zeeland Art Gallery in Zeeland, MI and the J Martin Gallery in South Haven, MI. She has been in ArtPrize in Grand Rapids for 9 consecutive years.

Artist Statement: I love nature; its patterns, imperfection and integration of all surroundings in a given space. As an artist, I want to replicate, embellish, highlight and color these patterns. I express love by creating art that is full of color, texture and luminosity. That is why I have chosen Encaustic wax as my main medium.

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